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[Webinar] 5 Killer GRE Prep Tips

UPDATE: Our friends at Accepted are now providing you a free recording of this webinar here!

This week, we’re teaming up with our friends at Accepted to help you beat the GRE.

A low GRE score can be bad news. But the good news is that you can raise your score with some smart preparation!


If you’re looking ahead to the GRE—or if you’re planning to retake it—join us for a FREE webinar with featuring our GRE expert, Chris Lele. He’ll share the 5 key steps you need to take to master the GRE. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

    • Manage your study time efficiently.
    • Overcome text anxiety.
    • Ameliorate your weaknesses.
    • Develop a winning test-prep plan.

The webinar will air Thursday, June 11 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. It’s free, but registration is required. Sign up today: 5 Killer GRE Prep Tips.



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