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Reviews from Magoosh Students in China

We have students around the world, but everyone has something different to say, right? Here’s what some of our students in China think about us. 🙂 You can click on the links to see the original testimonial!


China 3Score: 330 (170Q, 160V)

“I used to run out of time in the verbal section. Even though I tried to time my reading in paper based material, I did not get much improvement until I used Magoosh. The timer of each question is really convenient and it exerts the pressure of the test on me. In addition, the questions in Magoosh are really closed to the actual test, even more difficult. After doing lots of Magoosh questions, I found the actual test questions easy! In addition, the video lessons and the Magoosh support are very useful. Thanks to Carolyn for answering my questions so patiently and in time.”


Double checks for China

Score: 330 (169Q, 161V)

“Magoosh is the best and most efficient way to prepare for your GRE test. My first GRE score has proven that Magoosh is terrific, and I will definitely recommend this site to all the people who are struggling with GRE.”


China 1Score: 327 (164Q, 163V)

“The text completion questions are very, very good. In fact, they are the best among the GRE questions I have finished.”





Double checks for China

Score: 334 (169Q, 165V)

“Truly the best test preparation site out there. I improved my verbal by continuously refreshing myself with the questions in the database. Wonderful and definitely worth it.”



China 2

Score: 330 (170Q, 160V)

“Many similar questions to the GRE.”



Double checks for ChinaScore: 333 (170Q, 163V)

“Magoosh is the only material besides verbal advantage I have ever used in my preparation. The test-like pacing helped me get used to the situation and the test questions are just awesome! Thx Magoosh!”


Double checks for ChinaScore: 322 (170Q, 152V)

“Personally speaking, I think that Magoosh really helps. First of all, the math practice in Magoosh is awesome! I think it is the best quantitative practice. In addition, Magoosh provides me with other’s pace so that I know how much time should I spend on a certain question.”


If you’re a Magoosh fan in China as well, let us know what you think! 🙂 

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2 Responses to Reviews from Magoosh Students in China

  1. Aisha June 18, 2014 at 6:54 am #

    Wow, It seems amazing that these students from China are scoring above normal..

    Not to be biased or anything.. Is there anything particular within your daily routine that helps you score so high..

    Can you please share how you get above average scores?

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