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Magoosh Brain Twister – Probability with a High Chance of Turbulence


There’s nothing like a mathematical Brain Twister to put you in the holiday spirit … right? 🙂 Let’s get started…

Melilla, Tasha, and Chester plan to fly on a jetliner that has seven seats per row. The middle row consists of three seats, which are separated on each side by an aisle and two seats. The website allows users to choose specific seats, but a computer glitch only assigns rows, not the specific seat within that row. Assuming Melilla plans to book three tickets in the same row, what is the probability that Chester will sit next to Melilla, without any aisle between them?

  1. 3/35
  2. 1/5
  3. 4/21
  4. 6/35
  5. 1/7


Want to check your work? We will publish the answer and explanation this Friday…we’re mixing things up a bit this week so we don’t distract everyone celebrating Christmas. Happy Holidays! 🙂


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