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GRE Student Post: Well-Rested Equals Attentive

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This week, hear from Sneha, who got a 170Q, 163V. She’s got some great advice about how to prepare for test day, and advises other students to learn from her mistakes! Thanks for sharing, Sneha. 🙂

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About Me: I’m Sneha, from Bombay, India. I just graduated from the Arts majoring in Mathematics and Economics. I’m very interested in learning the applications of math and economics on public policy, particularly behavioral economics. For these reasons, I’m in search of an all-encompassing grad program! I spend most of my free time listening to podcasts, taking MOOCs and bugging my dog…

Biggest Challenge: The most difficult part of the GRE for me was aligning myself with the goals of the test. I haven’t taken too many standardized tests as an Arts student, so the loss of subjectivity was a bit disorienting. That is why I found it immensely useful to know what each type of question was testing. It helped predict the nature of the right answer and also helped me to identify the incorrect answers. I was also pretty bad at the comprehension passages, and found my attention span too short for them. “To read actively” was the best piece of advice Magoosh gave me. I found myself engaging with the text.

Helpful Tips for Others: Hmm. I think I was quite well-rested and consequently very attentive on test-day. During the test, in my left-over time, I actually went back to a couple of questions and saw that I had selected the trick option. Correcting those helped me score a few points.

If I had to redo my prep, I’d probably practice essay-writing more and also read more of those 6-scored-essays. I kind of put AWA on the back burner and so my essay percentile turned out relatively low.

I did not use any other resource but for Magoosh and Magoosh’s recommended (free) websites, in prep. I found Magoosh incredibly resourceful and helpful!! Thanks so much! 🙂

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