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GRE Student Post: “Improvement comes slowly and gradually.”

Next up, Orchi! Orchi has some great tips to help you stay calm. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

About me: Hi, I am from India. I am currently pursuing my under graduation in engineering field. I plan to continue my higher studies in my current field. I love dancing and trying out new cuisines.

Biggest Challenge: Verbal was the most difficult portion for me since I am not a native speaker. I would suggest following the Magoosh lessons minutely. Club that up with Official Guide’s examples and practise questions. Vocabulary is always daunting. But it was the reading comprehension that troubled me most. I would say it takes lot of time to improve on that section and practise is the only way to improve. I used to do 4 RC s each day, 1 long one, 1 short one and 2 logical/argument passage.

What I would do differently: If I could prep again, I would concentrate on the AWA more. That is one part I neglected. One month before the exam I started practising essays. I should have done that from the beginning.

Tips for other students: The GRE takes practise and dedication. I would say do not lose hope in the middle. For quant, Magoosh has an excellent bunch of questions. Practise that with the Manhattan (I also practised the latest official guide quantitative practise book). For verbal, learn words by reading a well as doing flashcards. It helped me because by learning words in texts I could remember better and then while I was going through flashcards I could recall a word, so automatically the words would be revised. Practising reading comprehension is a must. Improvement comes slowly and gradually. For issue essays, the posts on the magoosh blog helped me like anything. For argument, start with learning to identify fallacies and then write timed essays. Take as many practise tests as you possibly can and get used to the length of the exam. Being able to concentrate that long is important. Your brain should be conditioned to the task.

Finally I would say keep calm. Many exams go wrong not because the student is not well prepared but because she/he lost her head during the exam.

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