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GRE Student Post: A Perfect Score

glennThis Thursday, Glenn tells us about his experience with the GRE — and how he achieved that elusive perfect score. Thanks for sharing, Glenn! 🙂  


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About me: I’m originally from Toronto, Canada, but I’ve been living in South Korea, Japan, the UK, and now China over the past 7 years. My undergrad degree was in Psychology and I did a Master’s degree in Second Language Acquisition in the UK (partially to avoid taking the GRE!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t secure enough funding to do my doctoral work in the UK, so I’m now aiming to do a PhD in Education in the US.

Studying for the exam: Before studying for the GRE, I hadn’t done any formal math since high school 11 years prior. Over the course of about 2 months, I went through the entire Manhattan Prep library on the Quant section and supplemented it with the excellent Magoosh questions and videos. I feel like the Magoosh questions really helped prepare me for the exam – the most difficult questions on Magoosh seemed harder than the actual test, which made for a much less stressful experience! Although getting so many questions wrong while practicing was frustrating, I made sure to go through the explanation each time and really figure out where I made the mistake and how to fix it.

Biggest challenge: Despite all that, I was most worried about the Reading Comprehension questions on the exam. I honestly feel like there’s some amount of luck involved, especially with the harder passages, since I often found ways to justify multiple answers and I felt like I had to use a lot of meta-knowledge (what do I think the test-maker thinks is the right answer).

Tips for other students: I think the key to improving your scores and doing the best you can comes down to really aiming at your weaknesses and incorporating the feedback. It isn’t so much important whether you get the correct answer or not; it’s more important to know why it’s the correct answer or not. The Magoosh questions were excellent in this area because of the detailed feedback, and that really helped me fix my weak spots.

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