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GRE Student Post: 10 Tips, Student to Student

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Magoosh student Tanaya spills on her experience prepping for the GRE. And she offers 10 fool-proof tips for other students!

About me: My name’s Tanaya Mokashi, and I’m a student from India currently studying Computer Engineering. I’m planning on starting my MS in the fall of 2015. In terms of hobbies, reading is one. But if I had to say what my passion was, without a doubt, it would be writing. I’ve written a book titled My Big Fat Un-Wedding. It’s currently being reviewed on! So, if you want to give it a read, just follow the link. 

Biggest challenge: My biggest battle in GRE prep was verbal. The words are, simply put, a monstrosity. I struggled with memorizing words quite a lot. But Magoosh was a great help. The videos came with tips, which helped me see the questions from a different perspective. Just listening to the videos helped a lot. Also, the question bank is quite extensive. It helps with solving a variety of questions!

If I could redo my prep, I would focus on verbal even more. To other students – try not yawning while reading the long passages! Also, I’d figure out where I missed the two marks in quant and get them (man, that 170 was elusive).

Helpful tips for other students:

    1. Watch all the Magoosh videos and LISTEN. Don’t just HEAR.
    2. Practice like your life depends on it.
    3. Take notes of whatever you feel you need to remember and USE those notes.
    4. Take frequent breaks. It’s humanly impossible to stay cooped up in a room for hours on end.
    5. Find a spot (Yes, I mean like Sheldon. :P) Your spot belongs to you. Keep it as messy or as clean as you like. It helps having a fixed place to study.
    6. Time Table. No, they aren’t overrated. They are necessary.
    7. Use ETS’s Powerprep tool. It helps.
    8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The Internet is here to help you (and so are the Magoosh guides. God only knows how many questions I had in a day!)
    9. Don’t exhaust yourself.
    10. And sleep. It’s important. The latest Game of Thrones can wait. 😉

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