Vocab Wednesday: Words from the Workplace

Many studying for the GRE are doing so while working. Many other GRE aspirants have been, at one time or another, in the workplace. That means that many studying for the GRE have worked with a person who has exhibited any number of these behaviors. And remember, if you can associate a certain word to a person than it makes it easier to remember that word.



Rude behavior, insolence

Impudence in the workplace is rarely savvy; such behavior will only alienate one’s colleagues.



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A person who kisses up to superiors

Ever the enterprising sycophant, Niles had learned all of the executives’ favorite sports teams, snack foods, and other such idiosyncrasies; often he would ply them with confections, root on their favorite teams, or tell them how impeccably dressed they were.



A strict disciplinarian

The new VP of marketing, Martin, whom the young reps called Martin the Martinet, made sure everyone on his team logged in 40 hours of phone calls each week, forcing those who had missed their daily goal to stay late each day.



Bossy, domineering

Marching like Napoleon on the battlefront, Helen’s new boss would imperiously bark orders to those on the trading floor.



Showing concern, always trying to help
The new interns were overly solicitous, always bothering senior-level staff by asking if even the most frivolous details should be attended to. 



Brisk eagerness to help

Showing none of the alacrity of fresh hires, Frank spent the time lounging about in his cube, checking on the latest baseball scores and expanding his waistline with a constant infusion of powdered treats.


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6 Responses to Vocab Wednesday: Words from the Workplace

  1. leo July 28, 2012 at 12:38 am #


    i need to prepare for gre and prepare all sections how could i do so help me out and please tell me how could i find pratice material on it.

  2. Hashmeet July 27, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    Imperious was a new word for me.

    Sobriquets for everyone at the office! 😛



    • Chris Lele
      Chris July 30, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

      Great! I’d be curious to know your colorful sobriquets :).

  3. Wajhi July 26, 2012 at 2:48 am #

    Just the list I needed. Thanks Chris !

    • Chris Lele
      Chris July 27, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

      You are welcome!

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