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Magoosh English Launch Announcement!

Hi, all!

We’re releasing Magoosh English on Wednesday, August 29th! I would highly recommend signing up for the free 1-week trial for two reasons:

1. To try out the material to see for yourself whether you want to register.

2. We’ll be sending all of the 1-week trial subscribers a discount code the day before the launch (tomorrow!).

Many of you are big fans of Magoosh’s teaching methods, since most of you discovered us through our excellent GRE materials :). We’re now using our expertise and unique style in a new way, to help you master English grammar.

Why do I need Magoosh English?

We are committed to providing a happy experience for all of our students, so before you buy, make sure this program is right for you!

Magoosh English is for you if:

  • You like Magoosh’s teaching style.
  • You love our video lessons.
  • You want individualized help with English grammar.
  • You are a non-native speaker of English and you want to get your grammar basics down solid– it’s tough to do well on GRE Verbal or AWA if you don’t have a good grasp of basic grammar rules!
  • You are a native speaker of English and you want to become a grammar expert, for a top score on the GRE! Also, impeccable grammar is a must for anyone going in to academia, so science/tech majors who haven’t taken an English class in years: this is for you.
  • You are a self-studier: good at keeping notes and reviewing on your own.
You should NOT buy Magoosh English if:

  • You are looking for specifc TOEFL-based prep.
  • You are looking for practice questions. Unlike in Magoosh GRE, GMAT, and SAT, there are no practice questions in Magoosh English.
  • You want extensive grammar/TOEFL support. We’re a small team, so while we can certainly help you with anything that you see in the lesson videos and want clarification on, we can not help you with outside material.

What do I get if I sign up for Magoosh English?

You get 1 year’s worth of access to our database of 85 lesson videos. You can see the full list of lessons, as well as watch some free sample videos if you sign up for the 1-week trial.

You will also get support from Magoosh’s famously helpful team of expert instructors– send us any questions on anything you see in the lesson videos and we would be happy to explain or offer advice! This part alone is well worth the price. Speaking of price…

It’s too expensive!

We know! High-quality material usually is :). However, we’re going to have a launch sale, so stay tuned– sign up for the one-week trial and you’ll get a 75% off discount code in your inbox!

Let us know if you have any questions about this! Thank you, as always, for your support and suggestions. We love creating new material to help you study, and this is something that has been requested for a very long time, so we’re very excited to launch!

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