Vocabulary Quiz: Words from the Blog

As we’ve established, it’s great to read in context; however, if you never review words you’ve encountered, then you are unlikely to retain them. Below is a sampling of words taken from recent vocabulary posts on the Magoosh blog. If you have not read the posts, then you should do so first! Also, make sure you have an online dictionary open, in order to look up the words.

Once you’ve committed the words to memory, take a little break – a few hours, a couple of days – and then try this quiz. Do not, on the other hand, take this quiz right after you look the words up. That would be testing your short-term memory, instead of your long-term memory, on these words.

Good luck!


1. Erudite

(A)  showing a high degree of learning

(B)  penniless and in abject poverty

(C)  coming from a variety of sources


2. Capacious

(A)  fickle

(B)  vast

(C)  critical


3. Macabre

(A)  grisly

(B)  eloquent

(C)  upbeat

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4. Ad hoc

(A)  relating to math

(B)  for a certain purpose

(C)  excessive


5. Teeming

(A)  full of activity

(B)  collaborative

(C)  extremely angry


6. Extraneous

(A)  unnecessary

(B)  superficial

(C)  integral


7. Ponderous

(A)  inclined to deep thinking

(B)  moving in a labored fashion

(C)  vast in scope


8. Indigenous

(A)  penurious

(B)  native to an area

(C)  full of resentment


9. Intrepid

(A)  unconscionable

(B)  cowardly

(C)  fearless


10. Impertinent

(A)  relevant

(B)  discourteous

(C)  shrewd



1. A


3. A

4. B

5. A

6. A

7. B

8. B

9. C

10. B


10 points – GRE Scholar

8-9 points – GRE Maven

6 – 7 points – GRE 500

< 6 – reread the articles in which the words appear, or make sure to look up the words you missed!


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