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Top 5 Reasons to Take the GRE Before It Changes

Everyone knows the GRE will be changing soon. The dilemma for many students is, should they take it now, or once the revisions are in place? Here are a few reasons you might want to take the old GRE, before the change.

1. Know Thy Enemy

There will be few, if any, surprises if you walk into the testing center and take the GRE (well, what actually happens in the testing room is another story). Today, you can practice using the PowerPrep software, and your experience shouldn’t be too different from the actual tests (the vocab on the real deal is noticeably more difficult).

2. They’re Giving Discounts

This can’t be good. For the first month ETS is offering 50% off to those who sign up for the new GRE test. Why bait us? Sure, there is a natural trepidation on the test taker’s part, but could there be a more sinister plot afoot? Will the curve change over time, meaning that you would have scored higher, or lower?

3. Practice Material and Forum/Friend Reports

This is similar to point number one. Basically the practice material out there reflects—more or less—the actual test, with notable exceptions (some publishers haven’t bothered changing their material in the last ten years, material that was already bad to begin with). Also, the practice material for the Revised GRE is based on the few questions that have been made available to the public.

Finally, friends who take the current test can also let you know what their experience was like. You can also get the first-person scoop off of forums. In both cases, don’t expect specific vocabulary and/or math problems. That’s illegal!

4. Get It Over With

Unless your grad schools plans are a ways off, why wait? Begin prepping now. For the most part, that’s pretty valid. However we all have different strengths, and there may be a few good reasons on holding off to take the test.

5. No Fill in the Blank

Probably the most dreaded component of the Revised GRE test will be the blank. Gone will be the familiar moorings of 5 answer choices. It’s just you and your math skills versus the blank. Also of note–though not necessarily related to the blank–is that certain math concepts may be given more priority than in the past, coordinate geometry being the prime one.

 That being said, every individual is different. So take these reasons into consideration, and make the best decision for yourself. Whichever GRE you choose to take – new or old, Magoosh will be there to help you prepare.

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