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Take Notes During Your GRE Prep

Did you know you can take notes on every question in Magoosh GRE Prep? I’m guessing you didn’t. Note-taking is one of our most under-utilized features and that’s why I’m writing about it in this post.

As you are answering GRE practice questions, it’s important to remember the mistakes you’ve made to avoid making them again in the future. It’s also important to differentiate the careless computational errors from questions you don’t know how to answer, so you know what areas to focus on. Taking notes while you study can be extremely helpful for both tracking common mistakes and identifying focus areas.

With Magoosh GRE Prep, we allow you to take a note on every question. The note-taking feature is a bit hidden, but those who have stumbled upon it, have fully embraced it. Each student who has used the feature has taken notes for numerous questions.

Here are a few example notes:
“I was tired solving this but there is shortcut in this page.”
“check the video. instructor eliminated the calculation of two fractions, see how.”
“Review this problem.”
“very straightforward equations etc. plugin!!”

As you can see, each student has his or her own style of note-taking – you can use whatever style works best for you. And the notes you take in our product are private, no other students can see them.

The Note link is below the Explanation link on the Options navigation column. I’ve highlighted it in yellow in the screenshot below:

After you click Note, you’ll see a text box in which you can write your note.

You can also keep track of all your notes on the Review page. Just look for the pencil icon under the Note column (see the screenshot below.) Clicking on the pencil will take you straight to your note for that question.

If you want try out the note-taking feature, sign up for a 1-week free trial of Magoosh GRE Prep with over 20 practice questions and videos or get a Premium account with unlimited access and over 700 practice questions and videos.

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