Reprove – A Very Tricky GRE Vocabulary Word

Surely, reprove must mean to prove again?

You may, of course, remember that adding re- as a prefix doesn’t always mean to do again. Reprove, surprisingly, means to censure or scold. That’s right: not only is the word not what you thought, it’s actual definition is not at all what you would have expected. Then there is reproof, which is the noun form of reprove.

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For example:

Used to her boss’s constant reproofs, she no longer quaked in fear when her boss would get angry.

I see both of these tricky vocabulary words all the time in the old ETS GRE Big Book. Either (or both) could very likely show up on test day. So don’t forget them, because you’d hate to have to reprove yourself after the test.

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One Response to Reprove – A Very Tricky GRE Vocabulary Word

  1. Prasad N R March 31, 2018 at 8:39 am #

    Wow, I ended up learning 20 words. I have to reprove over my lack of GRE verbal bailiwick. No one lets me graduate with picayune amount (with scholarship). I will end up being a paraiah instead of being nabob and bwana if I do not learn GRE verbal. I have woebegone lugubrious GRE re-take. I know that I am glum, saturning and lachrymose over my low GRE score. Unless I am dour I forget even words like “sybarite”. I should make sure that I upbraid or even objurgate or vituperate myself when I become a sybarite. I repine and remonstrate my attitude over learning GRE Verbal. I should consider this my opportunity to enjoy GRE. After graduating from MS, I cannot take GRE even if I wish to. Many people learn different languages as a “hobby”. After all, why can’t I subjurgate my main language with enthusiasm (that too by simply consuming Magoosh content)?

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