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Lorey: A Post for the “Older” GRE Test Takers

Another post-exam write-up!  Feel free to send in your own or learn from other students by reading more like Lorey’s on our Student New GRE Experiences page.

By: Lorey

Title: UGH! (a post for the older test takers)

I took the Revised GRE this morning (Sept 17, 2011) after studing intensely for about 3 months.  I used every prep book I could get my hands on until I found Magoosh. Subsequently, the books were much less useful (especially Kaplan’s!)

The test was truly diabolically difficult.  I actually took the GRE in 1996 when it was still on Scantron.  It didn’t take me long to start longing for anaogies & antonyms again! Now, I’ll admit that I’m not 20 years old any more, and that maybe the snyapses don’t fire quite as quickly as they used to, but I had difficulty finishing in the required time.  I’ve never had problems taking timed tests before.  I struggled today – but again, it’s been a while since I’ve been timed.  Plus, they threw three Quantitative sections at me! And with those three sections they managed to touch on every possible area of math (and I REALLY SUCK AT MATH!).

I have a Masters in Social Work (’98) & a MS in Health Care Management (’02). I’m hoping to go back to work on my PsyD soon.  I work (more than) full-time as a private therapist.  My verbal skills are stronger than my math – I had to re-teach myself everything past simple addition & subtraction. It’s been a long haul with working 10 – 12 hr days and then studying on the weekends.

What would I do differently? Figure out that I was moving sooner so I could have started this process sooner. I would have also loved to have found Magoosh sooner: the new lessons have really helped (and will continue to help.)  I didn’t dedicate much time to studying for vocabulary because I was so concerned about my utter lack of math skills.  Alas, I have 60 more days until the next test date (unless the GRE Psych test does me in!)

Verbal: 510 – 610

Math: 450 – 550

Good Luck!

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One Response to Lorey: A Post for the “Older” GRE Test Takers

  1. Siddarth Surana September 20, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    I took my gre on the 19th of september.
    My score was 1250-1400.

    Thank you Magoosh, for all your help!! Really, the guidance by magoosh is incomparable

    I will write about my test day experience and prep journey in detail later on.

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