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Lauren: Taking the GRE for a PhD Program

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This post features the latest submission, from Lauren.


“Test Day: October 25, 2011

Test Location: New York, NY

Improve your GRE score with Magoosh.

Projected Score: V: 640-740 Q: 630-730

Hello! I just finished up the new GRE about an hour ago (I can literally feel the weight [stress?] lifted off of my shoulders). I’m currently enrolled in an MA program at Parsons The New School for Design and I’m applying to a (one!) PhD program in Apparel Design at Cornell for next fall. I graduated from Wash U in 2010 and only took one math class–statistics–while I was a student here.

I have been “studying” since about June, but in earnest for only about two weeks. Initially in June, I bought Barron’s Math, the Kaplan book (because it looked the nicest! but turned out to be the worst…), and a few apps for my iPhone. I was an Art History and Anthropology major in college, so I felt pretty comfortable with the verbal portion. I was, however, terrified of the math portion and was sure that it was going to bring me down significantly–hence the Barron’s book. I found this to be a good resource for my basic overview; I was actually pretty great at math in high school, so this overview was enough to put me back in that mindset. However, when it came to actually solving problems, I had a lot of difficulty with their more advanced problems and didn’t find their “explanations” to be of much use (it was mostly a formatting issue for me; they just cram SO much onto each page). In the end, Barron’s just got me needlessly freaked out, so I put my GRE studying on the shelf for a month…or two.

During this period, I spent my subway commutes going through the Kaplan vocabulary app (free!) on my iPhone and working through math problems on the Watermelon Express GRE app ($10, both in the iTunes App store). So, my off period wasn’t all for naught; I was engaging with GRE vocabulary and some rudimentary math for at least 20 minutes a day. Both apps were great additions to my study material–especially the free Kaplan app, which has their list of 500 quintessential GRE words with a user-friendly interface.

While I had the best intentions to study from June-October, I found I developed a lot of anxiety over doing actual practice problems after my initial review becuase I was scared of getting them wrong, only to realize how screwed I was. Thus, I didn’t really seriously start studying until about 2 weeks ago. This is when I discovered Magoosh. I watched all of the math lessons and worked my way through nearly all of the math questions and all of the verbal questions. Magoosh, quite literally, saved me. I went from being petrified of even attempting the practice questions, to finding myself studying upwards of 3-5 hours a day.

In the final days, I took the free ETS exam they release (and did really well, which was a great confidence boost), and worked through explanations with Magoosh. I also brushed up on formulas and read the Magoosh blog for tips on vocabulary.

While I most certainly would have done better if I’d put my nose to the grindstone a lot earlier, I’m totally complacent with my score. I didn’t pull out a “rainman” on my math, but my scores are good enough to not be a liability to my otherwise strong application.

As far as the actual testing experience, I took the advice of another Magoosher and just tried to “have fun” with it: I read the verbal passages for content (like reading a novel) and got competitive with the math. I also really enjoyed the writing portion; I’m very confident in how I did (especially after Chris’s breakdown of the analytical writing in the new videos) and wouldn’t expect anything less than a 5.

One last note, while I was doing the Verbal sections (I got 3 verbal, 2 math, which was fine with me), I could actually hear Chris’s voice in my head working through the text and could imagine his red pencil scribbling and underlining. That was kind of weird (perhaps I Magooshed too much?), but also pretty entertaining.

All in all, my GRE experience could have been much worse if I hadn’t discovered Magoosh. Chris and his team take a not so pleasant experience (made even more so by bad test prep materials) and make it downright pleasant by making success seem attainable.

Thanks a whole bunch!”

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