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Bye, Bye to Obscure Vocab

During the last few posts, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that my vocabulary posts, once a staple both of Magoosh and the GRE, will no longer be as relevant. While many may breathe a sigh of relief that words such as contumelious will no longer bully the frazzled test-taker, the bottom-line is that the GRE will still require you to understand the meaning of certain words. By extension, I will still continue to write GRE vocabulary posts. Only, these posts will not be as frequent, nor will they include esoteric words (ironically, esoteric will still be a word you need to know).

In honor of the old GRE (well, we’ll still have to wait until Aug. 1st to officially dub it that), I will write one final post that includes some relatively obscure words. As well as two question types that will soon be relegated to the dustbin of test-prep history.

First, let’s say bye to the antonyms.

1. Nugatory

(A) auspicious

(B) sedentary

(C consequential

(D) eminent

(E) insipid

2. Valedictory

(A) incipient

(B) worthless

(C diffident

(D) reticent

(E) insalubrious

3. Exoteric

(A) intrinsic

(B) recherche

(C catholic

(D) subdued

(E) permanent

And now time for one last analogy (try not to shed a tear).

4. Philippic : VituperativeĀ 

(A) harangue : mercurial

(B) filibuster : interminable

(C quagmire : unnavigable

(D) ephermera : outre

(E) encomium : acclamatory

And there you have it – two question types you will never have to deal with again, and a handful of arcane words.

But, that doesn’t make things any easier. The new verbal question types are hard. Very hard. My upcoming posts will focus more on dissecting formidable three-blank text completions. In fact, some of the questions may be so nuanced and convoluted that maybe, just maybe, you’ll pine for an antonym question. If so, here are the answers for the questions above:

1. C

2. A

3. B

4. E

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