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Branch Out Your Vocab with Synonym Trees

In a previous post, Synonym Trees, I challenged you to come up with your own synonym trees. Here are a few of mine.


Cheerful Branch

Sanguine, Buoyant

Really Happy Brach

Elated, Euphoric, Rapturous, Blissful, Ecstatic


Effervescent, Ebullient, Exuberant, Exhilarated, Mirthful, Frothy, Zestful

As I promised, here is also the sad tree, which there are many words for.


Depressed Branch

Disconsolate, Despairing, Melancholic, Dysphoric

Really Depressed Branch

Despondent, Desolate, Woebegone, Lugubrious, Wretched, Funereal, Dolorous, Forlorn

Unhappy by nature

Saturnine, Glum, Morose, Dour, Sullen


Lachrymose, Plaintive, Doleful

Remember, you want to be making these off the top of your head as much as possible. Don’t just root through a thesaurus looking for obscure words. You should, however definitely use a thesaurus to review your synonym trees and make sure everything is in its proper place.

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