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Taking the GRE Twice?

I had this great idea about naming this post “In a Pickle,” and then starting it off with a picture of me free-floating in a jar of green-tinted juice. Hah–I’m so funny! So great! This is going to be an awesome post.

Well as you can see, that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because I’m swimming in frightening literary theory reading so I had better use that time doing something else, like writing a blog post or learning some more words. And plus, I had better just name this something relevant, you know. Something that pertains to my actual situation…

People (much older than me, and farther along in their undergraduate careers) around me have started to freak out about the GRE, and they’ve been getting into this scary study mode. They already signed up to take the test–and are posting it all over their facebook statuses. As you know, I have been freaking out about this test since July so I’m not quite liking this heightened sense of hysteria. I haven’t signed up for a test date yet because I don’t know what my schedule will look like soon, and I also don’t know whether or not I’ll be prepared to take it come December. The only reason preventing me from signing up is this question:

Will taking the GRE multiple times hurt my chances in grad school?

Groan. Anybody have some answers? I really would like to be prepared for this test, but I really want to take it this semester. If I bomb, I’d like to know how badly I’ll hurt my chances… or if I have to w

ANSWER 1: According to this forum, the general consensus was that most schools take the most recent scores into account.

ANSWER 2: This one says, if you have a good score, who cares if you took it twice!

ANSWER 4: This one says schools might take the average of your scores…

ANSWER 3: This one’s confused.

So many answers, so much to wonder about! After reading all of these websites I wandered into my kitchen and wailed at the first person I saw. “GREEEEEEE!”

The person, who, in spite of my distress, remained calm as he rolled out the samosa dough we were having for dinner that night. Then he looked up and said, “Why don’t you just ask your GSIs? Aren’t they the ones who know about graduate school the most?”

“Oh. You’re totally right.”

So next week I plan to ask my GSIs how they got into grad school. In the meantime, what’re your thoughts?

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