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Introduction and a Confusing Vocabulary Word Pair

Hi, I’m Chris Lele, a veteran GRE tutor in the Bay Area and now part of Magoosh! I hope to provide some helpful tips and strategies.

One area in which I have found many of my students struggling is with tricky GRE vocabulary. That is, many words in the English language look very similar and are therefore difficult to keep separate.

The first example is loathe vs. loath. The first means to hate intensely and is a verb (e.g. she loathed being made fun of.) The second word, loath, is an adjective and means unwilling. (He is loath to go outside when it is raining so hard.)

A good way to separate these words is to take the last four letters in loathe (athe) and scramble them. What do you get? Hate. Loathe means to hate.

I’ll be putting more of these up soon. And if you have any questions or comments don’t be loath to contribute!

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