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“I hear ya, amen to that.”


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. As you can tell by my calendar, I have been immersed in the world of mathematics.

Yuck–from the likes of the last post, I may have been a little too frank in my distaste for math. My sincerest apologies! There must have been something in the air during the week that I started math… or I must’ve just gotten out of bed the following morning. It’s true, the amount of studying I’ve had to do for some principles that I haven’t seen since the 9th grade is ridiculous (I really should have paid attention in class, huh?) ((but then again I specifically remember opening my AP Calc textbook in the 12th grade, thinking to myself “Man, GOOD THING I’M GONNA BE AN ENGLISH MAJOR! HARHARHAR”)).

So last weekend I went home and told my sister about my Plight (the plight of a GRE test-taker, that is) and she commiserated with me. She studied for the PCAT last year and it was pretty much the same deal for her–a lot of memorization and a lot of work. I think she did well on the test–after she realized that she wanted to go to nursing school after all… But regardless of her career crisis, she still made it through alive.

In fact now that I’m studying for this test I have a lot of people being extra nice to me. Seriously, I am NOT joking. I’ve had various friends offer to help me study, give me their old test prep books and flashcards, etc. It’s quite heartwarming, now that I think of it… I’ll always be forever grateful to those friends who offer to help.

So yup, trudging along. I have three more sections to go before I finished reviewing basic math principles. Then I’m going to go through strategies. Word lists are providing me with a brief respite. See you soon!

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