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Flashcards, Wherever You Go

On Friday I spent the morning making flashcards from the Barron’s word list.

I’ll say this time and again: if you really want to sound smart, memorizing the Barron’s word list wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Sometimes in my studying phase the words just slip out, like whenever I comment on someone’s effrontery* in line at the cafe (uh, hey dude. I’m ahead of you in line so there shouldn’t be any reason to yell out your drink while I’m asking for a cafe au lait). Or when I’m cranky from lack of sleep, I tend to use synonyms for stupid, like for that inane† crack in the sidewalk that manages to trip me every time.  And then the person who I am with at the moment will stop, turn around, and say, “What?” at which point I’ll teach them a new word!

And then sometimes they roll their eyes at me, calling me bombastic‡. So, uh, it works in some cases.

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But onto my Saturday! I spent the rest of the afternoon at a local coffee shop in the Gourmet Ghetto studying with my friend A, who is preparing for the LSATs.

It really is great to have a friend who is studying for something along with you. Also, my coffee was smiling at me.

Study cards have been pretty useful to me. I can take them wherever I go, and when I’m really bored I pull them out and flip through them really fast. They are perfect for public transportation. Example: On my way to the Alameda County Fair, my friend and I decided to make our BART trip go faster!

But really now, it was a long long trip. The fair itself was crazy crowded, but at least I got a lot of studying done.


* impudence, shameless boldness

† stupid, foolish, boorish, vapid (there are many many synonyms for stupid, did you know?)

‡ pompous

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