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Cool Vocab Sites to Study for the GRE

Today’s study session was replaced with an hour of mildly-pleasing computer games!

It’s funny whenever people ask me how I spend my entertainment time–I don’t really like to go to the movies or watch tv, or play WoW like some people I know. In fact in terms of games I have a specific memory of my cousins settling down to play some Nintendo 64 James Bond Game, and asking me to play to round out the player screen. I outrightly said no and said that that stuff just wastes your time man, and I am sooooo much better than that! (I was seven.)

Well I sure do regret saying that nowadays. As I later found out, it’s pretty difficult to fill the endless hours of the day without reality shows or Second Life to help. I’m thinking about getting into Dungeons and Dragons, for that reason.

So I feel like I’m a bit of a boring person when it comes to games. And what’s worse–if it could be any more worse–is that the games I actually do like to play are as boring as boring can be. Recently I’ve been going through a phase of online flashcard sites. There are some pretty cool ones, like

  • freerice– You’ve seen this site. It was pretty popular a few years ago, and surprisingly it’s still good. For every question you get right, the website donates 10grains of rice to children around the world. I’ve seen quite a few hoity-toity Barron’s words on here so it’s pretty relevant. Plus, they have the option of subjects–if you feel like you need to brush up on your geography, they’ve expanded to include that section.
  • Quizlet – I’ve found this site, and this particular test has all of the Barron’s words. You can study flashcards, customize a few exercises, etc. Kudos to the person who typed all of those words in…

There are more, plenty plenty more, but these are the ones that have taken up my time so far. Do you have any cool sites you know of? Shoot me a comment!

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2 Responses to Cool Vocab Sites to Study for the GRE

  1. Shwetha July 30, 2014 at 7:08 am #


    Thanks a lot for your post, I’ve been following Magoosh’s GRE blog and I absolutely love it!
    I do have one request, you guys made a great app for learning vocab using flashcards – is there any possible way in which you could make a game out of it?-

    While there are several vocabulary games out there, not all of them are GRE or GMAT oriented, so perhaps you can look into that in the future?

    Thanks again for the great work!

    • Rachel Wisuri
      Rachel July 30, 2014 at 10:12 am #

      Hey Shwetha,

      Thanks for the comment! We did actually just come out with a quiz-like vocabulary builder app. You can find it here:

      Hope that helps!


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