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And So It Begins… (An Introduction)

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Hello, my name is Trisha. I’m a 20 year-old, third-year English major at UC Berkeley in love with the world. I have a lot of interests, including knitting, reading, baking, kazooing, etc. etc. etc. Over the summer I’d really like to start hiking, exercising, eating healthy, and basically enjoying the good company of friends. And uh, oh yeah.

I’m taking the GRE!

I guess you might be wondering: why start now? Life just seemed so great, every day of it: sun bathing on the glade, chillin’ with the homies, reading my favorite books and taking long naps in quiet rooms.

So let’s just say it happened this way: one fine summer’s morning I woke up.

Really though, that was it—I just opened my eyes and suddenly I was twenty years old, a third year in college (whoa, upper division!), with the future at my feet and a six-week internship cradled in my lap. Everything seemed great and everything seemed in place. But for some reason… there was something that I needed to do. Something urgent and pressing. All of a sudden the future hit me. What was I going to do with my life?

Eh, I’ve had similar panic attacks before. About every semester I’ve doubted my major (English), doubted my ability to get a job after college, and doubted going to graduate school. Every time I go home, my dad grills me on the job possibilities of a graduate degree in English. My mom, however, is more subtle, preferring to slip nursing school pamphlets by my bedside. Now, after a few years of questioning my major, I can safely say I made the right choice to stick with it. But the rest of my life…? I have no clue. I’ve always wanted to go to grad school but I’ve never actually researched it, or found out whether it may be right for me. I started looking online by checking out various websites I used to frequent as a college-obsessed high school student. You know, those ones—College Confidential and the like. But there’s a lot of information about the grad school process I don’t know about.

Anyway, to make a long story a little less long: this is my attempt at finding out what the next few steps of my life will be. I’m not going to say that with this blog, I’ll find out. But I certainly will try. My first step? The GRE.


First and foremost, I recognize that a blog detailing my study tactics for the GRE could possibly be the most boring, depressing and even painful idea ever. I mean, if someone were to ask me the age-old awkward ice-breaker “Tell me something random about yourself,” this blog would DEFINITELY not come first to my mind (I swear, I have other hobbies! More about that later probably). However, I do feel that there is some merit to blogging about this process (it’ll help me track my studies, keep me motivated, and so on).

That said, I’m quite surprised at how few internet resources there are for the normal GRE test-taker—in my (uh,) scant research through the web, I haven’t found any forum, blog, or site that really details the process of studying for the GRE. Sure, there are some resources online dedicated to tutorials and exercises (check ManhattanGRE for instance), but I have yet to find a real, live person in the midst of everything—of the GRE, grad school applications, summer jobs, upper division classes and more. I think studying is an inherently lonely task, but it shouldn’t always be. We all need help. That’s why I’m not only asking you to read me on your feed. Feel free to comment on my progress, suggest study tips, and post sample questions on here. Or even start your own blog!

Now, I think it’s important to say that here’s what I DON’T want this blog to be—a sad sad list of my practice test scores. Believe me, there will be a lot of them. But like every GRE/pre-grad school student out there, I have a life. And I want to live it. The GRE is pretty important but there is more to life than studying. This summer, I plan to work hard, and play hard. So please join me!

It has been a pleasure to meet you.


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