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Analogies: Visible Improvement is to Accomplishment…

I spent the morning doing a couple of analogies exercises from Barron’s. After having read the strategies from Barron’s and Princeton Review, I figured it was time for me to do some practice. However I found it weird how PR doesn’t have as many practice sections as Barron’s…

Today’s practice was relaxing. And surprisingly enough, I’m doing better! When I took Exercise A a week ago, I didn’t do so hot. I think it was because I wasn’t used to taking tests like these (because you know, it’s never REALLY my fault… ever). But after rereading tips on how to guess (Identify part of speech! Eliminate outrageous answers! Identify the relationship in a sentence!), I slowly got better and better. My first score was 14/20 (oh, abysmal, I know…) to 16/20, to 18/20, to 19/20.

There’s nothing better than visible proof of improvement. But I think the biggest lesson I learned about going through analogy questions is importance of being mentally present while studying. It’s better to relax and take things slow than to rush through your work.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle antonyms–that’ll be a little more difficult because it’s more important to fully know the definitions.

In the meantime though, for more analogy practice, check this website out. The analogies aren’t that difficult, but it seriously helps with speed in identifying relationships between words.

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