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Under the Radar: Seven Great Lesser-Known Finance PhD Programs

Image a student finding the right PhD program

Navigating the landscape of doctoral programs can be overwhelming, particularly when considering disciplines such as finance. Beyond the usual contenders among the Ivy League and well known flagship state schools, there are numerous high-quality programs that deserve recognition for their rigorous academic offerings and research contributions. This post points to seven exceptional finance PhD programs that just might be the dream school you never knew about. They have all been acknowledged for their strong research output, committed faculty, and comprehensive resources for finance research.

1. University of California, San Diego (Rady School of Management): UCSD’s Rady School is noted for its faculty’s work in empirical finance and their contributions to renowned academic journals. Offering access to its Behavioral Lab and Experimental Finance Lab, Rady equips its students with practical research experience and innovative tools.

2. Boston College (Carroll School of Management): Boston College offers a rich academic experience emphasizing the development of strong analytical skills. The faculty at BC is recognized for their expertise in asset pricing and corporate finance, fostering an environment for students to delve into critical financial concepts and issues through research seminars and workshops.

3. Arizona State University (W. P. Carey School of Business): The Finance PhD program at ASU allows students to work closely with award-winning faculty members on significant research endeavors. ASU’s Center for the Advanced Study in Economic Efficiency encourages exploration of economic efficiency in the finance field.

4. University of Texas at Dallas (Naveen Jindal School of Management): The Finance PhD program at UT Dallas focuses on empirical research in finance. The university’s Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance serves as a valuable resource for students studying corporate finance.

5. Ohio State University (Fisher College of Business): Fisher’s finance PhD program places a strong emphasis on finance theory and empirical research methods. It benefits from resources of the Charles A. Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics, providing a strong foundation for understanding key issues in the field.

6. University of Washington (Foster School of Business): UW’s Foster School of Business trains future researchers and educators in finance. Its finance faculty are acclaimed for their diverse research contributions, and the school’s Global Business Center and Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship foster a forward-thinking approach.

7. University of Minnesota (Carlson School of Management): The Carlson School’s finance PhD program is dedicated to conducting pioneering financial economic research. Its Financial Studies Center provides an active forum for discussing financial concepts and current trends.

Choosing the right PhD program depends on numerous factors, such as specific research interests, faculty engagement, and the culture of the department. These seven universities offer high-caliber finance PhD programs that have been acknowledged for their excellence in the field of finance. Consider their offerings and see if one might be the perfect fit for your academic journey.