Are you prepared for the verbal section of the GMAT? On test day, you’ll see these GMAT verbal question types: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. Study with our expert tips, advice, and practice problems to crush the GMAT.

Below is a relatively difficult GMAT sentence correction. A couple of concepts are being tested, so proceed cautiously. A detailed explanation follows. Despite the curator’s claim, none of the unattributed sketches in the museum’s upcoming Flemish exhibit, all estimated to be more than 400-years old, are likely the work of Jan Vermeer, who was active […]

Master this devilish distinction on GMAT Sentence Correction “GMAT Sentence Correction is a question type where even one’s everyday sense of language might lead one astray.” The sentence above is self-referential, insofar as it contains a very natural sounding grammatical mistake.  The word “where” is used incorrectly.   Here’s the scoop.   Relative Pronoun A relative […]

So, when you are faced with a GMAT Sentence Correction question, the proper thing to do is to read the prompt carefully, and then read all five answer choices carefully, right?  WRONG!  That is an absolute trainwreck approach, guaranteed to cost 5+ minutes per question.  You can’t afford to work that slowly on the GMAT!  […]

The GMAT Sentence Correction will ask you about several sentences involving comparisons.  Why?  Because, in the business world, people compare things all the time.  Microsoft is a bigger company than Apple.  The United States has more debt than does China.  Caterpillar’s stock, like DuPont’s, pays a dividend.  Nobody else put a hybrid on the market […]

Overcoming some of the most common grammar mistakes In the business world, there are plenty of numbers, and those numbers are always in flux, going up or down.  Not surprisingly, many of the sentences you will correct on the GMAT have topics that discuss quantities of various things and how those quantities change.  Much of […]

Parallelism can come in many forms on the GMAT. Here are five famous passages: see if you can identify all the parallel structures, and below, I’ll discuss them. (Kudos, also, for recognizing the sources!)  Each quote is preceded by a difficulty rating, assessing how hard it is to identify the parallelism in that quote. The […]

To be enamored means to be in love with or to really like something. So which of the following is the correct idiomatic usage? He was so enamored of/by/with beagles that he volunteered to adopt unwanted beagles from the dog kennel. Two of the above are appropriate. Indeed, all three prepositions could work, however one […]