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The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business is a leading business graduate program. That means that the GMAT score for University of Virginia is competitive. Admissions will not be easy. But for strong students, UVA’s business programs offer a variety of choices, but all focus on the same high quality core curriculum.

Academic Programs

The Darden School offers three different MBA programs: the standard MBA, the Executive MBA, and the Global Executive MBA.

What makes these three options unique? In some sense, what they have in common is what makes Darden’s offerings unique. The three programs all use the same exact core curriculum, which is completed in the first four terms of the first year of each program.

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This core curriculum is taught using case studies, simulations, and experiential exercises. It includes a variety of different core skills, in management, accounting, marketing, and analysis. That’s why your GMAT score for University of Virginia is so important: you’ll need to arrive on campus with strong quantitative and logical thinking skills to navigate the core curriculum.

If the core curriculum of UVA’s programs are identical, what makes the three different MBA options unique?

The standard MBA is for younger students who are earlier in their career. They typically arrive on campus with only 4 years of work experience. The program is full-time, and students are not expected to hold a job concurrently (though a summer internship is required). Most students spend their 21 months in Charlottesville, VA, though study abroad options are available.

The Executive MBA and the Global Executive MBA, while being the same length (21 months) as the standard MBA, differ in the type of student they attract. In these two programs, students typically have closer to 10 years of quality work experience. They’re highly competent executives in their own right. The programs only require sporadic residency in Charlottesville, and many courses incorporate distance learning. The Global Executive option incorporates residences around the world as a requirement — in China, Europe, India, Brazil, and elsewhere. It’s the ideal program for executives with international experience and ambitions.

Besides its unique array of programs, Darden also distinguishes itself in its size. While some graduate business schools can have thousands of students, Darden has less than 350. That allows a great opportunity to get to know classmates one-on-one, and utilize day-to-day networking to the fullest. The program is also known for a large military contingent, with slightly less than 10% of students having served in the military. Military leadership classes are available.

GMAT Score for University of Virginia Darden School

The typical GMAT score for University of Virginia’s Darden School varies by program. The most competitive, and the largest, program is the standard MBA program. Executive and Global Executive programs are much smaller, and also feature slightly lower average GMAT scores.

According to UVA itself, the typical GMAT score for University of Virginia’s Darden School is as follows:

  • MBA program: 706 (average)
  • Executive MBA: 570 – 720 (middle 80%)
  • Global Executive MBA: 540 – 680 (middle 80%)

It’s important to note, though, that a lower GMAT score for the Executive program is compensated for by other admissions factors. Those programs typically admit students with between 10 and 13 years of quality work experience. The MBA program, on the other hand, typically takes students with less than half that amount, at only 4 years. Further, the Executive programs also require sponsorship and consent from a company, since those students will continue working full-time while being enrolled in the program.

Ranking and Prestige

According to U.S. News and World Report, the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business is ranked as the 11th best MBA program in the country. But some rankings place the Darden School even higher. The Economist, for example, places the Darden School as the second best MBA program, second only to the University of Chicago. Impressive!

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Since the program is so highly regarded, it’s no surprise that GMAT scores for University of Virginia are high. Getting into a top-ranked program isn’t easy.


If you’re seeking a small but highly ranked MBA program, then the University of Virginia might be perfect for you. While the expected GMAT score for University of Virginia is high, if you can meet the standards, then you’ll enjoy close contact with your peers in a small program with a strong core curriculum. You’ll also enjoy numerous opportunities for international engagement. Career opportunities after UVA are numerous, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you choose to enroll at Darden!

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