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Master this devilish distinction on GMAT Sentence Correction “GMAT Sentence Correction is a question type where even one’s everyday sense of language might lead one astray.” The sentence above is self-referential, insofar as it contains a very natural sounding grammatical mistake.  The word “where” is used incorrectly.   Here’s the scoop.   Relative Pronoun A relative […]

Consider the following geometry Data-Sufficiency Questions.  All are related to the diagram below: 1) Is quadrilateral ABCD a square? (1) AB = CD (2) A = 90º (A) Statement 1 alone is sufficient but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked.   (B) Statement 2 alone is sufficient but statement 1 […]

A question posed by some folks preparing for the GMAT is: is it enough just to study GMAC’s Official Guide, or should I use other GMAT books? Here’s what I would say to that.  If you are the type of student who regularly scores well the above the 95th percentile on standardized tests, and if […]

In the last post, we learned about the breathing and its ability to stimulate the relaxing effects of the PNS, as well as a little about mindfulness, and its ability to reduce stress and enhance your performance on the GMAT.  In this post, we are going to take on directly the juggernaut of your stress: your […]

So, when you are faced with a GMAT Sentence Correction question, the proper thing to do is to read the prompt carefully, and then read all five answer choices carefully, right?  WRONG!  That is an absolute trainwreck approach, guaranteed to cost 5+ minutes per question.  You can’t afford to work that slowly on the GMAT!  […]

The GMAT Sentence Correction will ask you about several sentences involving comparisons.  Why?  Because, in the business world, people compare things all the time.  Microsoft is a bigger company than Apple.  The United States has more debt than does China.  Caterpillar’s stock, like DuPont’s, pays a dividend.  Nobody else put a hybrid on the market […]

Recently, in a GMAT forum, someone asked: “I am facing this problem with plugging numbers on the DS section. I realized this happens when I miss plugging in some specific numbers that just turn around the answer of the question. When I plug in, say, 2, the statement is sufficient, but plug in -1/2 and […]

GMAT Math will ask you about absolute values.  Mastering the GMAT algebra skills to answer them requires sophisticated understanding. Somewhere along the line, perhaps in middle school, you probably learned:   |positive| = positive and |negative| = positive   In other words, the equation |x| = 5 has the solution: x = 5 or x […]

Here are five quick tips to make you much more effective at interpreting and solving GMAT problems involving percents, one of the most common GMAT questions.   Percents and Decimals Fundamentally, a percent is a fraction out of 100 – it is per centum (Latin for “per 100”).  It’s easy to change a percent to […]