Northwestern Kellogg GMAT Scores

Forget sunny California and Boston. You can’t wait to fill your suitcase with wool socks and long underwear, and head off to the Windy City! Chicago is home to Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, an MBA program focused on general management with a very strong reputation for marketing. With a large study body (close to 500 students per class), Kellogg’s acceptance rate typically hovers around 20%. This rate is on the high side compared to its peers, but by no means will it be easy for you to get in.

The bad news: Kellogg proudly boasts that the median GMAT score for its class of 2017 is 724, a whopping 8-point jump from the prior year. This means your score needs to be in the 95th percentile just to be considered average.

The good news: Kellogg allows all of its candidates to interview, which gives you the opportunity to use your dazzling personality and dashing good looks to distract the adcom from your less-than-desireable GMAT score. There is also a video essay portion of the Kellogg application, which also shows that the adcom places a significant emphasis on your interpersonal skills.

Kellogg GMAT Score Ranges

The safe zone: 740-800. Scoring on the low end of this range puts you comfortably higher than the average of 724, which is where you want to be. Of course, this is assuming that your work experience, GPA, resume and recommendations are also in line with the Kellogg averages. Don’t forget that your numbers alone won’t be enough to get you in. Your story, your values and your future goals also need to be a good fit.

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The “in the running zone”: 700-740. Scoring in this range definitely still gives you a solid chance with adcom, but other aspects of your application (work experience, GPA, resume, recommendations, essays) will need to be very impressive and/or diverse.

The “pretty please?” zone: 650-700. If you score in this range, your application is likely going to face some serious extra scrutiny, particularly if you fall on the low end. Your uniqueness factor has to be at least at 9 out of 10 to be considered, particularly if you fall below the average, even more so if you fall outside of the middle 80% range.

The RARE exception zone: 600-650. There are going to be very very few exceptions in this range, but not many at all. You need to be a real superstar and your uniqueness factor has to be an 11 out of 10 to be accepted if you fall in this range.

Kellogg Class of 2017 Profile


Chart data from Kellogg website

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