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Let’s recap where we left off yesterday.  We were working with this diagram: We wanted to solve for Mary’s time, t. In every row the relationship among rate, time, and distance is the same: RT=D. In this diagram the bottom row looks the most promising, since it alone contains only the variable for which we’re […]

In my last couple of posts (Using Diagrams to Solve GMAT Rate Problems Part 1 and Part 2) I used a Rate-Time-Distance table, (or RTD table) to solve the most common sort of rate problem: a combined-rate problem in which two travelers move in opposite directions simultaneously.  (If you haven’t read those posts and aren’t […]

Here are eight practice problems on Sequences. 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, … 1) In the sequence above, each term is 9 more than the previous term.  What is the 40th term of the sequence? (A) 360   (B) 365   (C) 369   (D) 374   (E) 383 2) What is the difference […]

Here are four reasonably challenging problems about sets. 1) At a certain school of 200 students, the students can study French, Spanish, both or neither. Just as many study both as study neither.  One quarter of those who study Spanish also study French.  The total number who study French is 10 fewer than those who […]