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Nestled in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Cornell University offers its students a bucolic landscape and an Ivy League education. The Johnson School of Management at Cornell is ranked in the top 25 best business schools by U.S. News and World Report. As such, the average Cornell GMAT score is high, and admissions are competitive. But, with the right preparation, you might get accepted to enjoy two years at the Johnson School in Ithaca.

The Johnson School: Overview

Cornell’s Johnson School distinguishes itself from other leading business schools because of its small and close-knit community. With 59 full-time faculty members and about 275 MBA students, the program is small compared to its peers, which often have over 1,000 students.

The Johnson School is located in Sage Hall, where students will spend a majority of their business school time. But students at Johnson also have access to the larger Cornell University community, which allows them to interface with experts across multiple fields. The Johnson School is also renowned for its performance learning concept, which allows first year students to integrate course work with field experience across one semester.

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Sage Hall. Photo courtesy of Eustress.

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Cornell’s MBA Programs

Cornell’s Johnson School offers a wide variety of academic programs, and not all of them are located in Ithaca, NY. So, if you’d prefer New York City to Ithaca’s pastoral rolling hills, then you’ll be happy to know that there are options for you!

The two-year MBA, though, is located in Ithaca. The MBA program does not use a standard curriculum. If you’re more interested in working than academic coursework, then the Johnson School might be right for you. Your first year will not be occupied entirely with standard core coursework. At Cornell, core courses finish after the first semester, with the second semester diving right into performance learning, where field work is integrated with course work. The second year is spent primarily on concentration electives.

For students with more specific interests or more advanced qualifications, Johnson offers a tech-focused MBA, a healthcare-focused MBA, and a PhD program. It even offers the world’s only program that is part-time and conducted dually in both English and Mandarin Chinese, through a partnership with Tsinghua University.

Rankings and Prestige

There’s little doubt: the Johnson School is a top business program. Forbes has placed the Johnson School as the 10th best MBA program in the United States. In terms of worldwide rankings, The Financial Times ranked Johnson as number 27.

As part of Cornell University, the Johnson School is an Ivy League business program. Irrespective of the MBA program’s prestige, there’s no question that Cornell is a leading research institution worldwide. By going to Johnson, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with researchers and students from other parts of campus. You will definitely benefit from the exciting research that happens across Cornell.

Acceptance Rates and Cornell GMAT Scores

Because the Johnson School is well-regarded, it comes with difficult admissions prospects, including high Cornell GMAT scores. For the class of 2018, the average Cornell GMAT score was 700, with an average GPA of 3.39. On average, students also arrived on campus with 5 years of work experience behind them.

Official acceptance rates are hard to come by. The Johnson School itself says that, overall, it admitted around 12% of applicants. But that includes PhD students and all other programs. Online reports suggest that the acceptance rate for the two-year MBA program is closer to 22%.

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Why Johnson Might Be Right For You

If you’re looking for an intimate graduate program in a rural college town, then the Johnson School might be perfect for you. Keep in mind, though, the competition will be fierce: Cornell GMAT scores are high, and acceptance rates are low. If you are admitted, though, you are sure to benefit from a world-class education!

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