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Understand how to ace GMAT Verbal with expert tips, advice, and practice problems.

Overcoming some of the most common grammar mistakes In the business world, there are plenty of numbers, and those numbers are always in flux, going up or down.  Not surprisingly, many of the sentences you will correct on the GMAT have topics that discuss quantities of various things and how those quantities change.  Much of […]

Why Sentence Correction? Why does the GMAT test Sentence correction?  Why do business schools care about grammar?  Isn’t business about the bottom line?  What do the niceties of speech have to do with that hard and fast reality? Well, think about it.  In the typical business environment, think about all the people with whom you […]

To be enamored means to be in love with or to really like something. So which of the following is the correct idiomatic usage? He was so enamored of/by/with beagles that he volunteered to adopt unwanted beagles from the dog kennel. Two of the above are appropriate. Indeed, all three prepositions could work, however one […]