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Archive | Verb Tenses

Subject-Verb Agreement on GMAT Sentence Correction

The broad topic of Agreement on GMAT Sentence Correction covers two general areas: (a) the agreement of pronouns and their antecedents, the subject of another post; and (b) subject-verb agreement, the subject of this post.  To begin, here are a few exemplary practice SC problems. 1) The People’s Republic of China, having 1.3 billion people,  […]

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Verb Forms on the GMAT Sentence Correction

First, a few practice Sentence Correction questions about verbs. 1) Next October, the commission’s delegation will visit the Prince of Westphalia, contributing the largest amounts to the commission over each of the last seven years. (A) contributing (B) having contributed (C) who contributed (D) who has contributed (E) who had contributed 2) The Federal investigators […]

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Verbs that Require Infinitives on the GMAT

Some verbs require the infinitive, and the GMAT expects you to know them. First, consider a couple practice Sentence Correction problems exploring these idioms. 1) The Sherpa people, indigenous to the mountainous regions of eastern Nepal, are known to have their ability of performing with ease the demanding tasks of mountaineering at some of the […]

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GMAT Grammar Rules: Parallelism and Verb Tenses

Introduction: parallelism Parallelism is one of the GMAT’s favorite grammatical structures.  Probably almost half of all SC questions involve parallelism of some kind.  Of course, one can put nouns or adjectives into parallel, but what’s the fun of that?  Parallelism only gets interesting when you put entire verbs or verb phrases (e.g. infinitive phrases, participial […]

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GMAT Verbs: Progressive Tense

We use verb tense to indicate the time of the action of the verb.  Of course, the basic meat-and-potato tenses are past, present, and future.  GMAT grammar would be very easier if these were the only tenses you had to know.  But life is complicated, and therefore so is grammar.  This article examines a variation […]

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