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Archive | Parts of Speech

GMAT Sentence Correction Workout: The Summative Modifier

Example: If medical researchers are correct, then the human microbiome, made up of the microorganisms in our body, may hold the cure to diseases that have long plagued humanity, amounting to a major oversight in Western medicine that has, until recently, all but ignored any such role of the microbiome. (A) humanity, amounting to a […]

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GMAT Sentence Correction: Indefinite Pronouns and Logic

In the previous post on indefinite pronouns, I discussed issues related to Subject-Verb Agreement. This post explores issues of logic, as regards these unusual words. First, four GMAT Sentence Correction practice sentences. 1) Every US state has two senators, but the amount of representatives that all states have depends on their population. (A) the amount […]

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GMAT Sentence Correction: Indefinite Pronouns and Agreement

To begin, a few new GMAT Sentence Correction practice questions. 1) After a dip caused by Congressional embroilment, many growth stocks are beginning to resume their previous levels, but some, hampered by a general stagnancy in the economy, is returning with a speed that is less than they would expect. A. is returning with a […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Subject Verb Agreement (Long Appositives)

Another GMAT Tuesday with Kevin! 🙂 This week’s topic is long appositives, which can be tricky distractions when you’re hunting for the right verb in a Sentence Correction question. Let us know how you like the video and whether you have any suggestions for next week’s topic!

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Absolute Phrases on the GMAT

It is not uncommon for test takers, when sloughing through the thicket of GMAT Sentence Correction questions to find themselves scratching their heads over a tricky little GMAT grammar conundrum known as  an absolute phrase. What exactly are absolute phrases you ask? Well, before we dive into definitions and explanations, here are a couple of […]

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