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Archive | Parallelism

Dropping Common Words in Parallel on the GMAT

The GMAT loves to test Parallelism on Sentence Correction.  When are we allowed to drop words or phrases in the second branch of parallel structure?  First, try these four practice questions, which each explore that very issue. 1. Hannibal chose to invade Roman territory by the northern route, crossing the Alps doing it, instead of […]

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GMAT Parallelism: Once Outside or Twice Inside

First, here are a few questions to whet your appetite: 1) The CEO attributed the relative success of Framingham Corporation to both their traditional values and to the CFO’s innovative reorganization of the divisional income scheme. (A) to both their traditional values and to (B) to both its traditional values and (C) both to its […]

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Parallelism on the GMAT Sentence Correction

First, a few practice questions.  The answers and full explanations will be given at the end of this blog. 1) Simon Bolivar (1783 – 1830) is remembered in that he led the independence revolutions in several South American counties, like Venezuela and Bolivia, and for instilling the ideals of democracy across the continent. (A) in […]

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Repeating Verb Phrases on the GMAT

“Fred wrote to Congress to complain about this policy nearly four months before Silvia ____________” What we want to say is — Fred wrote to Congress, and Silvia also wrote to Congress, but Fred did what he did before Silvia did what she did.  The question is — how do we end that sentence eloquently […]

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GMAT Grammar Rules: Parallelism and Verb Tenses

Introduction: parallelism Parallelism is one of the GMAT’s favorite grammatical structures.  Probably almost half of all SC questions involve parallelism of some kind.  Of course, one can put nouns or adjectives into parallel, but what’s the fun of that?  Parallelism only gets interesting when you put entire verbs or verb phrases (e.g. infinitive phrases, participial […]

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Common Parallel Structure Words in GMAT Sentence Correction

Concision is one of the goals of parallel structure.  Consider the following monstrosity of a sentence. 1a) After I get my next paycheck, I am seriously thinking about buying a jet ski, I am seriously thinking about treating my friends to dinner, and I am seriously thinking about putting some money away in savings. Obviously, […]

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GMAT Sentence Corrections: Comparison

The GMAT Sentence Correction will ask you about several sentences involving comparisons.  Why?  Because, in the business world, people compare things all the time.  Microsoft is a bigger company than Apple.  The United States has more debt than does China.  Caterpillar’s stock, like DuPont’s, pays a dividend.  Nobody else put a hybrid on the market […]

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GMAT Sentence Correction: Parallelism

Parallelism can come in many forms on the GMAT. Here are five famous passages: see if you can identify all the parallel structures, and below, I’ll discuss them. (Kudos, also, for recognizing the sources!)  Each quote is preceded by a difficulty rating, assessing how hard it is to identify the parallelism in that quote. The […]

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