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Archive | Idioms

GMAT Sentence Correction: Means of vs. Means to

Learn these subtle distinctions for some of the trickiest GMAT Sentence Correction questions!   Question First, consider this question before you read the post. 1) In a recent policy shift, the management of the county’s public senior-citizen facilities has cut staff hours as means to greater economic sustainability and has lowered the percentage of new […]

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Top Ten Most Common GMAT Idioms

UPDATE: You can find this blog and others about idioms in our new GMAT Idiom eBook! On the GMAT, very few concepts are more daunting than idioms. There are several reasons for this. First off, there are literally hundreds of them to memorize. Secondly, and related to the first point, many are arbitrary. For instance, […]

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Danger! Little-Known GMAT Idiom Spotted

To be enamored means to be in love with or to really like something. So which of the following is the correct idiomatic usage? He was so enamored of/by/with beagles that he volunteered to adopt unwanted beagles from the dog kennel. Two of the above are appropriate. Indeed, all three prepositions could work, however one […]

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