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Archive | Critical Reasoning

GMAT Tuesdays With Kevin: Critical Reasoning — Weakening an Argument

) Hello! 🙂 In a previous GMAT Tuesday, we talked about what it takes to solve “Strengthen the Argument” problems. Now, the GMAT will also throw the opposite problem at you–it’s called a “Weakening the Argument” problem. So, here are the key points you need to keep in mind when you’re facing these kinds of […]

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Medical Trials and the Placebo Effect on the GMAT Critical Reasoning

This article is the seventh in a series of real-world issues that could be useful background in interpreting GMAT Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension questions.  Here are the first six articles 1) Economics: Supply and Demand 2) Economics: Labor and Wages 3) Economics: Inflation, unemployment, and interest rates 4) Law: “beyond any reasonable doubt” 5) […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Critical Reasoning, Evaluate the Argument

Hello! 🙂 This week, I’ll go over a specific CR question type: Evaluate the Argument. I’ll go over a sample question and give you 4 general steps you should always follow when tackling this kind of question. We hope this helps you conquer those tricky CR questions and saves you some time on test day. […]

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Assumptions and the Negation Test on the GMAT

First, a GMAT Critical Reasoning practice question. 1) The Spotted Mole is a rodent that burrows underground and eats all forms of vegetable matter.   Farmers are concerned that this mole could eat some of their commercial fruits, planted in above-ground planters and bins.   The farmers need not worry about the Mole, though, because throughout the […]

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More GMAT Critical Reasoning Practice Questions

A while ago, we published this blog of GMAT CR practice questions: Since then, each one these blogs also has multiple practice questions: A) Boldface Structure questions B) Dialogue Structure questions C) Find the Conclusion/Inference D) Reasoning concerning Populations E) Strengthen the Argument F) Evaluating the Argument   Five new questions Here are five new […]

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GMAT Critical Reasoning: Evaluate the Conclusion

First, four GMAT CR practice questions of this genre. 1) The blue-tipped Puffer is a migratory bird that is found along the coast of this state in summer months.  The Puffers enjoy the seeds of Thomson’s Mulberry trees; because these trees are plentiful in the state’s Coastal Park, traditionally many blue-tipped puffers would be found […]

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GMAT CR: Dialogue Structure Questions

First, a few practice GMAT Critical Reasoning questions of this genre. 1) Homeowner Representative: Statistics show that burglar often target houses that appear unoccupied.  Therefore, when home owners away from their homes for several days, we recommend that they leave lights on, to give the impression that the house is occupied. Crime Expert: The same […]

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GMAT CR: Strengthen the Argument

First of all, a few practice GMAT Critical Reasoning questions of this particular genre. 1) Studies have shown that highway drivers are less likely to drive at speeds greater than the posted speed limit if houses or buildings are in some way visible from the road.  Assuming similar car, road and traffic conditions, highway drivers […]

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