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Slicing up GMAT Circles: Arclength, Sectors, and Pi

Few topics perplex students like circles on the GMAT. “What was the formula for area of a circle, again? I know pi is in there somewhere!” With a few simple insights, though, this entire topic simplifies.  First, let’s look at a problem. How do you find the do calculations for something like this? Given that […]

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GMAT Sets: Double Matrix Method

Learn this powerful method for unlocking devilishly complicated problems about sets.    Practice questions First, try these challenging 700-level practice questions. 1) At Veridux Corporation, there are 250 employees. Of these, 90 are female, and the rest are males.  There are a total of 40 managers, and the rest of the employees are associates.  If […]

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Exponent Powers on the GMAT

Learn the powerful shortcuts through these problems!   Practice Questions Before reading this post, try these three related practice questions. 1) Is a positive? Statement #1: > a Statement #2:> a 2) Is a positive? Statement #1: > a Statement #2:  < a 3) Is a positive? Statement #1: < a Statement #2:  < a […]

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Sequences on the GMAT

Understand how to handle these tricky upper level Quant problems!  Definitions A sequence is a list of numbers that follow some mathematical patterns.  More formally, a sequence is a function whose inputs are limited to the positive integers.  Terms are denoted by a letter for the whole sequence, and in the subscript, the index, which […]

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A Geometric and Visual Approach to GMAT Math

Sometimes, the best choice from among two options is neither of them!    Approaches to the GMAT Quantitative Section Many quantitative problems contain numbers and demand numerical calculations.  Others contain variables, and one can use either an algebraic approach or a numeric approach.  See this blog post  for more on that choice.  Folks are often […]

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Variables in GMAT Answer Choices: Algebraic Approach vs. Numerical Approach

Fact: On GMAT Problem Solving, some of the prompts will state quantities in terms of variables, and then expect you to answer in terms of those variables.  Such questions are known as “variable in the answer choice” questions (or VICs in some circles). Fact: There are two basic strategies you can use to solve these: […]

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