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Archive | Integer Properties

GMAT Number Properties

The single most-tested topic on the GMAT Quantitative Section is something called “Number Properties.”  In a way, this statement, while absolutely true, is a bit deceptive.  It’s like saying the biggest category at a particular zoo is mammals: even if that is completely true, that statement alone doesn’t give us a particular clear idea of […]

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GMAT Math: The Many Meanings of Minus

First of all, for warm-up, a practice Data Sufficiency question. The symbol What does this symbol mean in math? Technically, this symbol, typographically a dash, has three different meanings in mathematics, viz.: a) a subtraction sign b) a negative sign c) an opposite sign   The subtraction sign When the dash appears between two terms  […]

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GMAT Factorials

Learn how to simplify these seemingly devilishly complicated GMAT Quant problems! First, consider these problems 3) Consider these three quantities Rank these three quantities from least to greatest. (A) I, II, III   (B) I, III, II   (C) II, I, III   (D) II, III, I   (E) III, I, II These are challenging […]

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