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Archive | Geometry

GMAT Geometry: Is It a Square?

Consider the following geometry Data-Sufficiency Questions.  All are related to the diagram below: 1) Is quadrilateral ABCD a square? (1) AB = CD (2) A = 90º (A) Statement 1 alone is sufficient but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question asked.   (B) Statement 2 alone is sufficient but statement 1 […]

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GMAT Math: Advanced Geometric Solids

The GMAT will ask you about geometric solids.  The OG tells you that you should expect questions about rectangular solids and cylinders. Here, I will discuss four less common solids that are much less likely to appear on the GMAT Math section: the prism, the pyramid, the cone, and the sphere.  For all of these, […]

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GMAT Math: 3D Solids

According to the GMAT OG, there are two 3D solids you should understand in detail are (a) rectangular solids, and (b) cylinders.  On any given GMAT, you will see no more than a couple questions on 3D solids, but they definitely could appear, especially if you are already getting many questions right and are moving […]

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