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Mathematical Thinking on the GMAT

What does the GMAT Quantitative section test?  Math, of course.  As tautological as that may seem, there is a very subtle point here.  What exactly is math?   Mathematics Strange as it may seem, there is no generally accepted formal definition of the word mathematics.  Most of the dictionary definitions, for example, cover the more […]

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GMAT Number Properties

The single most-tested topic on the GMAT Quantitative Section is something called “Number Properties.”  In a way, this statement, while absolutely true, is a bit deceptive.  It’s like saying the biggest category at a particular zoo is mammals: even if that is completely true, that statement alone doesn’t give us a particular clear idea of […]

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GMAT Math: The Many Meanings of Minus

First of all, for warm-up, a practice Data Sufficiency question. The symbol What does this symbol mean in math? Technically, this symbol, typographically a dash, has three different meanings in mathematics, viz.: a) a subtraction sign b) a negative sign c) an opposite sign   The subtraction sign When the dash appears between two terms  […]

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GMAT Quant: Roots

Master these seemingly intimidating mathematical symbols! Practice Questions First, try these practice questions. 1) The numbers a, b, and c are all non-zero integers. Is a > 0? Statement #1: Statement #2:   2) The numbers a, b, and c are all non-zero integers. Is a > 0? Statement #1: Statement #2:     Square […]

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Fractions on the GMAT!

Learn to master this often confusing topic!  Why Fractions Are Hard Of all the math topics that raise dread, fear, anxiety, and confusion, few do so as consistently and as potently as do fractions.  I have my own personal theory why fractions are hard.  The trouble is: think about when you learned fractions — maybe […]

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Exponent Properties on the GMAT

Because of their clarity and concision, the laws of exponents lend themselves well to GMAT math, especially to the Data Sufficiency format.  If math isn’t your thing, then perhaps the last time you gave any thought to exponents was back in Algebra Two, and perhaps exponents weren’t your favorites there either.  Take heart!  In this […]

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