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Variables in GMAT Answer Choices: Algebraic Approach vs. Numerical Approach

Fact: On GMAT Problem Solving, some of the prompts will state quantities in terms of variables, and then expect you to answer in terms of those variables.  Such questions are known as “variable in the answer choice” questions (or VICs in some circles). Fact: There are two basic strategies you can use to solve these: […]

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Breakdown of GMAT Quant Concepts by Frequency

Magoosh’s very own Mike McGarry, GMAT/Math Teacher/Tutor/Foosball player extraordinaire, went through 5 different sets of Official GMAT Practice Material and tallied questions based on the subject material they tested to find the most common GMAT questions. Here are the samples of Official Material he used to figure out the GMAT Quant breakdown: 1.GMAT Official Guide […]

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GMAT Quadratic Inequalities

A Case Study of a Problem: OG 12th Edition, Problem Solving Practice Problem 173   Here is the problem that appears in the Official Guide: 173) Which of the following describes all values for which >   OK, this is a quadratic inequality, a relatively advanced math topic for the GMAT, one with a relatively low […]

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GMAT Math: Understanding Absolute Values

GMAT Math will ask you about absolute values.  Mastering what the GMAT asks about them requires sophisticated understanding. Somewhere along the line, perhaps in middle school, you probably learned:   |positive| = positive and |negative| = positive   In other words, the equation |x| = 5 has the solution: x = 5 or x = […]

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