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Archive | Integrated Reasoning

GMAT Integrated Reasoning: Scatterplots

One of the most common types of graphs is statistics and in the quantitative sciences is a scatterplot.  A scatterplot is a way of displaying bivariate data: that is, data in which we measure two different variables for each participant.  For example, suppose we ask several people both their age & their weight, or both […]

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The Integrated Reasoning Calculator

On the GMAT Quantitative section, there is no calculator.  On the IR section, there is a built-in calculator.  The calculator that comes with GMAT’s 50 official IR practice question is quite similar, almost identical, to what you will see in the test.  Here is a brief tour of that calculator. The Calculator First of all, […]

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GMAT Integrated Reasoning eBook

We’ve just released our new eBook, and it’s on GMAT Integrated Reasoning! It includes: An overview of the section as a whole, including scoring Overviews and strategies of/for each question type Practice questions of each question type Recommendations for what and how to study to do your best on this new section! And it’s free! […]

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Integrated Reasoning Questions: Graphics Interpretation

This Graphics Interpretation section has twelve questions, just as the next generation GMAT Integrated Reasoning sections will have.  You are allowed to use a calculator, because an on-screen calculator will be available during the Integrated Reasoning section only of the actual exam. The chart above shows the technology capabilities of the 20 existing high schools […]

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Integrated Reasoning Practice Problem: Multi-Source Reasoning

The following is a Multi-Source Reasoning practice problem, which will be part of the new Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT. You are allowed to use a calculator on this section, because you will be given an on-screen calculator for Integrated Reasoning questions on the real GMAT Here, the three “cards” will simply appear one after […]

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Integrated Reasoning Practice Question: Two-Part Analysis

Two-Part Analysis  is one of types of questions that will appear on the new Integrated Reasoning section! At a certain corporation, N is the total number of employees.  These employees can choose among a variety of benefits packages, and R% of them choose the stock option plan as their benefit package.  For each employee in […]

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