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GMAT Scores and Starting Salaries

If you increase your GMAT score by five points, ten points, fifteen points, will that mean that you’ll eventually earn more money? One test-prep tutor here in the San Francisco Bay Area used to advertise that if you spent $5000 on his services you’d recoup that in the first five months of your post-MBA employment. […]

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Help! My GMAT Practice Test Scores Decreased

In theory, the relationship between time spent studying for the GMAT and the effect on your scores should be a direct correlation: the more you learn, the higher your score. In reality, though, that’s not always the case – GMAT practice scores vary. At least, it’s not always the case when you’re looking at only […]

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How Much Does the GMAT Matter?

Photo by There has been a lot of discussion recently on, “How much does the GMAT matter?” Is there a perfect score? After many conversations with current MBA students, alumni, admission officers, and admission consultants, here’s some information that will hopefully shed some light on how much GMAT scores matter when applying for business […]

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What’s the trick to a 700 on the GMAT

If you saw the title of this article, clicked through, and now hope to find a few tips and tricks for breaking into a 700, you are in the right place! You have done yourself a great service, deciding to read this article. By the time you finish this article, you’ll be in a better […]

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Canceling your GMAT Score

One of the many options you have at the end of your official GMAT is to cancel your score.   As with everything else associated with the GMAT, it is a very good idea to think this through strategically and thoroughly, so that you are already in a good position to decide when you are presented […]

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Prescription for a Low GMAT Score

Here’s another great post by Stacy Blackman, President of Stacy Blackman Consulting: A strong performance on the GMAT is one key component of the M.B.A. application to most top business schools, so what can you do if your score is not where you want or need it to be? Any number of factors could have […]

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How to Calculate GMAT Scores

This post was updated on 5/17/2018 with help and content from Mike McGarry. Thank you for providing your scores in the comments! It helps us keep this chart up to date and useful for all our readers. 🙂 If you notice some changes that need to be made, please leave us a comment. First off, […]

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Average GMAT Scores

This post was updated in April 2019 to reflect the most recent data. Snapshot (Just the Facts): The current average combined GMAT score is a 561.27. Keep in mind that this mean score is quite low, and that the top 10 business schools, like Stanford, Harvard, and Yale, have an average GMAT score of 727—which […]

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GMAT Score Percentiles

This post has been updated to include GMAC’s most recently published GMAT score percentiles, which represent a sample of more than 700,000 students who took the GMAT from 2014-2017. There’s a lot to take in when assessing your GMAT scores and decoding your GMAT score report. First off, you’ve got a raw score in both […]

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