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Archive | GMAT Integrated Reasoning

GMAC’s Official IR Practice Questions

Back in June 2012, the GMAT launched the Integrated Reasoning (IR) question.  At the time, there was a panic among GMAT test-takers, and GMAC saw one of the largest peaks ever in number of GMATs taken, just before June, 2012—all the folks who wanted to avoid this then-brand-new question!  In 2013 and 2014, adcom saw a […]

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Tips for GMAT Integrated Reasoning

If you’re like many students, you heard about GMAT IR and quickly went to Google and searched “integrated reasoning gmat” or “what the heck is integrated reasoning?” GMAT Integrated Reasoning consists of four completely different categories of questions. This part of the test presents information and poses questions in formats entirely unlike anything else on […]

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Is GMAT Integrated Reasoning More Important Now?

Fact #1: The GMAT introduced the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section on June 5, 2012. All GMATs administered since that date have had an IR section. Fact #2: In the months leading up to that date, thousands of GMAT test-takers accelerated their plans, taking the GMAT early to avoid the IR section. This produced a glut of pre-IR […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Integrated Reasoning’s Misleading Instructions

Hello! 🙂 GMAT’s newest section, IR, has some confusing (inaccurate?) instructions that you should definitely be aware of. This will help you budget your time much better and give you a sense of what to expect out of this section, so you can focus on doing well and not be distracted by surprises. Let us […]

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GMAT Integrated Reasoning: Graphic Interpretation Practice Questions

On the GMAT IR, each Graphics Interpretation (GI) page or screen will have two sentences, each with a drop-down menu.  (In rare cases, there may be a single sentence with two drop-down menus.)   Each drop down menu has 3-5 choices.  There is no partial credit on the IR: you must get everything on the screen—i.e. […]

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GMAT Integrated Reasoning: Two-Part Analysis Practice Questions

Here are six 2PA practice questions.  These questions reflect some of the extraordinary flexibility of this question format.  Solutions will follow at the bottom of the page. 1) Chair P, from Design Solutions, cost $60 per chair.  Chair Q, from Seat Unlimited, costs $90 per chair.  An office manager often has to buy several chairs […]

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