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Archive | GMAT Tips

Magoosh’s experts provide GMAT tips for preparation and test day.

The First Five Questions Myth A popular story that has been bandied about so much in GMAT circles that it has taken on a patina of truth is that the first part of the test is the most important. Many claim that the GMAT algorithm “knows” your score after only the first five questions, and […]

The Question of Pacing Suppose you have some block of time (one month, three months, etc.) to study & prepare for the GMAT.  Of course, there’s lots of hard content to learn.  The question arises between these two contrasting approaches: 1) APPROACH #1: Learn everything thoroughly, practicing without time constraints until you are comfortable, and […]

In Overcome GMAT Exam Anxiety: Breathe!, we learned about the breathing and its ability to stimulate the relaxing effects of the PNS, as well as a little about mindfulness, and its ability to reduce stress and enhance your performance.  In this post, we are going to take on directly the juggernaut of your stress: viz, your […]

You study for months, mastering concept after concept, practice test after practice test, and then on the big day, in front of the test itself, you are so nervous that you psych yourself out.  How to avoid this?  This series of articles presents a few ideas that have the potential to transform your experience of […]

Few people leave GMAT test centers thrilled with their score. But, that does not necessarily mean it is time to start studying again. Here are a few factors to consider before logging back into Magoosh: 1. How far off is your score? If you scored within 20 points of your GMAT practice tests, it is unlikely […]