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Magoosh’s experts provide GMAT tips for preparation and test day.

Preparing for the GMAT forces us to measure many aspects of our lives. Not only must we confront our weaknesses in math and reading, but we also must grapple with our stress management, our ability to sustain focus, and our anxieties about the future. We have to set time aside, find a place in our […]

Preparing for the GMAT in two weeks or less is not ideal. A miniscule percentage of people can study for such a short amount of time and achieve a score that meets business school requirements. Most students spend months preparing for the test. With such a short amount of time, there is not much that […]

With a slight sigh, you acquiesce. You know that you need a higher score on the GMAT and that you need to retake the test. But you don’t want the same result, so you know that something has to change, that you have to make changes to your studies. But what are these changes? This […]

When it comes to getting a great score on the GMAT, knowing how to answer the questions is only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to know how to optimize the conditions needed to achieve that great score. So, here are some things to consider for the big day. Get a good night’s […]

Earlier posts have talked about the values of breathing, mindfulness, and disattaching from one’s stories.  Over the course of a lifetime, a committed meditation practice or daily yoga practice would be the way to develop all these wonderful skills.  What if you would like to move in that direction as much as possible between now […]

Learn what sophisticated GMAC research reveals about last-minute time-crunch guessing strategies on the GMAT.   It’s All About Timing Of course, learning to solve problems under time pressure is an important part of preparing for the GMAT.  Of course, you should do everything you can do to maximize your ability to perform at the highest […]