About the GMAT

Learn about the GMAT, an exam required for admission to many business schools.

Learn what sophisticated GMAC research reveals about last-minute time-crunch guessing strategies on the GMAT.   It’s All About Timing Of course, learning to solve problems under time pressure is an important part of preparing for the GMAT.  Of course, you should do everything you can do to maximize your ability to perform at the highest […]

No. Yep, that’s a first for a blog post – beginning it with the word ‘no.’ But I want to be emphatic lest someone actually think they will have a blank piece of paper, with a finely sharpened of no.2 pencils. Simply put – there is NO scratch paper on the GMAT. Don’t throw your […]

In the last post, we learned about the breathing and its ability to stimulate the relaxing effects of the PNS, as well as a little about mindfulness, and its ability to reduce stress and enhance your performance on the GMAT.  In this post, we are going to take on directly the juggernaut of your stress: your […]

You study for months, mastering concept after concept, practice test after practice test, and then on the big day, in front of the test itself, you are so nervous that you psych yourself out.  How to avoid this?  This series of articles presents a few ideas that have the potential to transform your experience of […]