About the GMAT

Learn about the GMAT, an exam required for admission to many business schools.

This week I am giving a primer on the GMAT. I cover the basics of the GMAT for anyone just starting out. In the video, you will learn about the questions on the test, the distribution of those questions in each section, and a few other useful facts. Enjoy! 😀 This week’s board:

Many will probably think my job unenviable. Each day, over the last couple of months, I’ve sat combing through the GMAT OG (Official Guide), analyzing questions and writing my questions—questions I hope are as similar as possible to official GMAT questions. After weeks of this, I found myself wondering just how representative of the test […]

Considering the difference between the audiences of the GMAT and the SAT, you might be a bit surprised to hear that the two tests have a lot in common. It’s not as though a high-schooler could walk into a GMAT and come away with a score in a percentile similar to what they would get […]