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Student Post: Review GMAT Quants

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Today, we’re hearing from Rupesh. He has some advice about reviewing your quants. Thanks for the tips, Rupesh! 🙂 

About me: My name is Rupesh Baker. I’m originally from India and I finished my engineering degree at National University of Singapore. I currently work in a Solar Energy research institute and I plan to apply for my MBA in a year or two. I hope to continue working in the renewable energy field upon my MBA.

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My biggest challenge: The topics I found most difficult on the GMAT were sentence correction and reading comprehension. One of the ways to improve my reading comprehension was actually reading scientific papers from journals—especially topics not related to my research field. I used the Magoosh Idioms app during my commute to work and this helped me over time to improve my sentence correction scores. Also, the video explanations for every question helped me get a better understanding on the thought process involved in solving the question. It is very important to review one’s mistakes in an orderly manner to get a better score on the GMAT.

I did not spend a lot of time preparing for the Quantitative section, considering my engineering background. However, during the exam I was short of time towards the end which actually affected my final score. If I re-do my studies, I will try to manage my time in a better manner as this can make a considerable difference in the final score.

Tips for other students: I would recommend that one initially goes through all the topics in Quants and Verbal before working on the problems. It is very useful to know the time taken to solve the problem and also to review the mistakes done in a methodical manner and try not to repeat them. Apart from them, it is also important to take a few practice tests before the exam in settings similar to the exam as the 3.5 hours exam can actually affect your energy levels which can ultimately affect your performance.

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